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False Imprisonment, The Innocence Project, Center for Wrongful Convictions, National Registry of Exonerations
Captive Study # 10 (Glenn Ford)
Watercolor on paper
10" x 8"

Glenn Ford had spent 30 years on Louisiana’s death row and was freed after prosecutors filed motions to vacate his conviction and sentence. Louisiana Judge Ramona Emanuel ordered Ford to be “unconditionally released from the custody of the Louisiana Department of Corrections” on March 11, 2014. Prosecutors said they had received “credible evidence” that Ford “was neither present at, nor a participant in, the robbery and murder” of which he was convicted in 1984.

Ford, who has always maintained his innocence, was tried and sentenced to death by an all-white jury. One of the witnesses against him said at trial that police had helped her make up her story. A state “expert” who testified about the victim’s time of death had not even examined the body. Ford’s lead trial attorney had never tried a jury case before. A second attorney, two years out of law school, worked at an insurance defense firm. They failed to hire any experts to rebut the prosecution’s case because they believed they would have to pay for the experts themselves.

Ford died of cancer at age 65 on June 29, 2015.

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